Proposal for the Establishment of the University for the Integration of Body, Mind, and Spirit


At this sacred moment in time, on the eve of entering into the fifth dimension, we need to make full use of the sacred resources of the universe for the sake of the future. The world is overflowing with love, and when we put away seeking and competing there is an all-pervading peace and happiness. By starting with love, all things are possible; human happiness begins with love.


Living as we are in a confused and confusing world, we need to change our beliefs and the way we think, and find a proper way to live our lives with fortitude and determination. As far as the small self goes, we need not pay too much attention to its endless tricks and machinations; its prominence can be reduced, but it never fully disappears. This sense of a limited, individual self can never be fully eliminated, and even if it were possible to eliminate it altogether, we wouldn’t want to do so, since it’s actually essential for human survival.


In the course of spiritual practice, awareness of the existence of the small self is a way of cultivating wisdom. Clearly perceiving its intentions, we experience the real. We can use wisdom to reconcile the small self’s resistance, remove its disguises, and reduce the power it has over our conscious experience. The culmination of this process is a state of altruistic and unconditional love, the manifestation of the sacred. Unconditional love is freedom from possessiveness, a way of bringing about the elevation and evolution of human consciousness.


The human body is composed of particles which have a particular vibratory frequency; the higher the individual’s level of spiritual development, the higher the frequency. But just what is meant by “vibratory frequency”? It’s the frequency of matter and spirit, the level at which light and love become manifest. The more light and love a person manifests, the higher his or her vibratory frequency, and the more readily he or she can enter into a higher dimension. On the other hand, a lower vibratory frequency is what binds beings to the wheel of endless birth and death.


Training the body is foundational to all forms of spiritual practice, for only when the body’s energy field is unified will there be good results. Many people undertake physical training merely as a way on increasing the body’s strength and stamina, but this is not correct. It’s necessary to unify the oxygen content organized by the body, and this is what qigong (氣功) practice is for. Qigong includes certain breathing techniques which bring large quantities of oxygen into the lungs, making it available for use by the entire body and enhancing metabolism. Insufficient metabolism gives rise to all sorts of health problems, including a number of so-called “diseases of civilization.” Oxygen intake has a strong bearing on health and illness, and qigong practice enhances health by increasing the oxygen content in the blood.


Qigong also serves to expand one’s energy field (qichang 氣場), forming a protective membrane capable of warding off both visible and invisible threats. Yet, many people are unaware of the importance of this membrane, and for a long time a large number of problems have originated on this level. The size of this membrane depends on the dantian ( the lower abdomen, an important focal point for internal meditative techniques), and this is why since ancient times spiritual practice has focused on the lower abdomen. The dantian is a locus of energy, and the higher the concentration of energy here, the stronger the energy field.


Many of the traditional qigong practices have been lost, and this is why contemporary practitioners of qigong don’t always get good results. Exercising the body without doing energy work doesn’t enhance one’s qi (vital energy or life force ). Here, the breath is the key, because the cultivation of qi is related to the length of the breath. Longer breaths increase one’s qi, which can be stored in the dantian to form dantian qi, what in ancient times was referred to as “inner power” (neili 內力). We can make use of this inner power without exhausting it, because this energy is derived from the natural world and the universe. The body contacts nature and the universe through its orifices (guanqiao 關竅), and understanding the secrets of the orifices amounts to opening the door of energy. In the past, there were quite a few sages who perfected this technique, but, unfortunately, it’s now on the verge of disappearing.


Although these orifices have been mentioned in a number of ancient texts, such descriptions tend to be so obscure as to be hardly useful. For the moment, however, we’ll have to put this question aside, and wait for Eric to complete his investigation of this topic and transmit his findings to those who will derive benefit from them. We call this the “way of the sages,” but relative to other practices, it is becoming increasingly obscure. Eric has simplified this practice so that it can bring great results to lots of people, and the current plan is to make this technique the basis of a famous and widespread school of practice.


We next need to consider the psychological level. The maturity of a person’s wisdom determines his or her behavior and personality. Lonely people are immature in wisdom, since loneliness arises from a sensed lack of love. While growing up, parental love is a key factor in the formation of one’s character. A deficiency of love results in impaired interpersonal relationships, which can lead to a lifetime of profound unhappiness.


Wholesome education in the family is the basis of mature wisdom, while a broken family is the source of suffering, emotional scars, and all sorts of social problems. We need to recognize that happiness is a function of the heart and mind. Only when the heart is free can wisdom take flight.


So just how do we cultivate happiness and wisdom? The key is a peaceful mind, unaffected by external conditions. This requires training, insight, and minimizing the disturbing factors in the mind. It’s best to avoid extremes and intense emotional states, for the stronger the emotional outburst, the longer it takes to recover one’s equanimity. Simply giving such intense mental states free reign can result in emotional scars and increase the frequency of emotional outbursts.


This type of practice requires perseverance and patience. When we encounter various negative influences in the external environment, we need to maintain a sense of balance and muster up our willpower. A worry-free mind is a peaceful mind. When the mind is pure and bright, we remain unaffected by any hindrances we encounter, like a cloud floating in the sky or the wind lightly skimming across the surface of a pond.


Happiness is a contented state of mind, a type of experience completely free of worry and totally unaffected by worldly concerns. Actually, it’s possible for anybody to achieve such a state of mind. All you have to do is step outside of yourself and become a neutral observer of your own experience. Calmly observing events as they unfold, you are no longer shackled to your own emotional reactions. You become the master of your own mind, and learn how to recognize and deal with its fluctuations, so that the mind becomes as limpid and bright as the moon reflected in a mirror.


Of course, this is all easier said than done, but that’s what practice is all about. Although inherent disposition is important, one’s temperament can be trained to be more firm and steady. That’s what all the big and small challenges you face throughout the day are for; as soon as you get through one challenge, there’s another one waiting for you, right up until such things no longer affect you. Otherwise, they will always be there, testing you. Actually, this is not something you need to be worried about, since this is just a normal part of being human.


Now we need to talk about spirit, by which is meant our inherent divine nature. Everybody is endowed with this spiritual nature, but at differing levels of development. One who has developed it to a very high level is said to be enlightened, and those who haven’t developed it very much are referred to as ordinary worldlings. Actually, enlightenment is really just a matter of time. This is because our individual spiritual nature comes from the same God, the supreme God of the entire universe, the creator of the universe and everything in it.


One’s individual spirit comes from the supreme God of the universe, but different people have developed it to different degrees. The various other gods or divinities which exist in the universe all have their own particular characteristics and abilities, and their names are really just the designation of the office or position they hold for a certain period of time. Actually, in principle, anybody who attains the same divine state through spiritual development receives the same title. Moreover, gods are practically free of the false discrimination of comparing self and other, because the state of a god is attained through self-cultivation, totally independent of others.


The most suitable description of “spirituality” is “wisdom.” This wisdom consists of a vertical orientation, the ability to communicate and work in harmony with the spirit world, and a horizontal orientation, the ability to effectively deal with people, situations, and the material world. Progress in the development of wisdom requires both time and practice, and the greater the challenges and difficulties, the easier it is to make progress. Anybody who ever attained enlightenment did so only after surmounting a great number of tribulations.


Many people labor under the misconception that the only path to spiritual development is through communication with the gods or though the cultivation of supernatural powers, but this is only part of the path. As human beings living on the Earth, another very important part of the path is our relationships with others. We need to develop empathy, not only for other people, but also for all living beings. When we approach our relationships with others and with the natural world with empathy and compassion, everything we do becomes a manifestation of spirit and wisdom.


Spiritual advancement necessarily begins with our interpersonal relationships. There needs to be a sense of order in all our interactions, including our relationships with parents, friends, children, strangers, inanimate objects, the natural world, and, finally the spirit world. If we don’t have good relationships with the people around us, there’s really no point in propitiating the gods, and doing so will only lead to a condition of being top-heavy. If you can’t keep your feet firmly planted on the ground, you won’t be able to set down roots, grow, flower, and bear fruit.


Life as a human being necessarily entails dealing with a wide range of worldly affairs, but getting overly involved in them tends to obscure our spiritual nature. Thus, what is referred to as “spiritual advancement” or “enlightenment” is really just a matter of clearing away the dust which has accumulated on the “luminous pearl of the night” (a traditional Chinese metaphor for the human spirit) so that it can once again shine brightly. Yet, most people spend their entire lives lost on the road of life, unable to find their way back to their true home. The main reason for establishing the University for the Integration of Body, Mind, and Spirit is to help people find the right path in life.


The plan is to take a systematic and organic approach to establishing a university based on luminosity and love. Designed to be free of all pretense and hypocrisy, this will be a space of purity with a very high vibratory frequency. Everybody will be encouraged to be fully transparent about their feelings and intentions, and this will foster a wholesome institutional culture which engenders the personal and professional integrity which are the foundation of spiritual evolution.


Since everybody is unique in their approach to spiritual advancement, the University will offer a diverse array of courses in order to better meet the needs of a wide variety of students. Teachers will be appointed on a course by course basis, with particular attention given to each teacher’s spiritual practice and vibratory frequency. Endowed with the “energy of wisdom,” the school will be watched over by protective spirits who will ward off any dark forces, protect students, and provide general assistance.


Staff will be appointed based on talent and ability, and the administrative structure will be in the form of a pyramid, since this has much significance for energetic and organizational considerations.


This will be a school without an enclosing wall. The energy fields and vibratory frequencies within and without the school will be completely different—something easy to differentiate. The school’s towering energy columns will be replicated around the globe, with the “point energy columns” forming into “energy planes” and even “three-dimensional energy structures.” This will raise the vibratory frequency around the world, creating a feeling as if another energy membrane had been added to the planet, an additional level of high vibratory frequency enveloping the Earth. Thus, the greater the number of energy points established on the Earth, the higher the planet’s vibratory frequency, a process which will accelerate over time as branch campuses are established and the quality of each school increases.


Due to the historical and cultural differences between various places, each branch campus will have its own character. Still, in the foreseeable future, the differences between East and West will become increasingly small, and the boundaries between nations will be gradually relaxed. Eventually, the entire planet will become one big nation, known simply as “Earth,” at which time the differences between branch campuses will be quite small.


It’s not easy to adequately describe in concrete terms the core values of a school whose a curriculum is based on the integration of body, mind, and spirit, especially since the latter two aspects are not very amenable to quantification. Thus the concept of “vibratory frequency” is used as an indicator which is easier to understand. Basically, the higher one’s vibratory frequency, the more light, love, and compassion one has, and the greater will be one’s capacity for giving and for helping others. At present, no device exists which is capable of measuring these individual or collective vibratory frequencies, but it’s likely that such equipment will be invented by around 2025.


Each person is unique in his or her approach to personal development and awakening, and an organization also has its own way of functioning and evolving. These are all of great importance, and will be discussed one by one below.


Personal development is a subtle process which can’t be readily understood from the three-dimensional perspective; it needs to be described from the perspective of a higher dimension. Put simply, it’s that which is in accordance with the highest principle of light and love. Basically, once you are in conformity with the principle of light and love, you are sure to advance in the right direction. The concept of “merit” can be used as a simple quantitative measure of spiritual progress, because the merit one has accumulated over many lifetimes is an essential resource for the journey back to one’s true home. Merit is also a key determining factor for the attainment of various heavenly states.


Merit is accumulated little by little. Your stock of merit increases with each wholesome deed you undertake, and decreases with each unwholesome deed. It operates rather like a bank account, but the method of calculation is incomprehensibly complex. In simple terms, once your stock of merit reaches a certain level, you can return to your real home. When your current lifetime comes to an end, if your accumulated merit and demerit is around the zero base line, then you remain within the realm of birth and death. If, however, you have engaged in much evil and heaped up much demerit, you will be reborn in hell and experience terrible suffering. This is a place where there is no sight of the sky or sun, and the only way out is to sincerely repent for one’s past misdeeds.


The other key factor on the path home is “awakening.” If in this life you advance on the spiritual path, but fall short of full awakening, it’s as if you have accumulated much merit, but not enough to return home. The importance of awakening is that it represents the degree of progress one has attained in the integration of body, mind, and spirit. This is a highly advanced state which requires much practice over much time, and it necessarily involves skillfully dealing with the many and varied challenges which help us to learn and awaken to spirit.


If the process of awakening were to be represented geometrically, it would be in the shape of an inverted parabola, indicating that at the beginning, progress is rather slow, as if you are going uphill, and later on speeds up, as if you are going downhill. At all times and in all places, anybody who has ever awakened has done so only after surmounting many challenges. Only at this point does one enter into the state of full awakening and attain the perfect integration of body, mind, and spirit. At this point one becomes impervious to all difficulties and totally free of fear, an ambassador of light who guides others along the path, out of a sense of compassion and duty.


Of course, at this stage one’s merit accumulates extremely rapidly, and when it comes time to return to your true home, the supreme God of the universe will appoint you to an appropriate position based on your character and merit, so that you can bring your spiritual journey to satisfactory completion.


An organization can be regarded as an intelligent organism. This may seem incomprehensible from the three-dimensional perspective. Yet, from the perspective of the fifth-dimension, it can be seen that this is perfectly ordinary. It just needs to be understood that all material objects are made up of energy, that a body of energy is capable of developing consciousness, and that there is communication between consciousness and energy.


Organizations develop more slowly and steadily than do individuals, and they are less susceptible to fluctuations and extremes. The consciousness of an organization is a function of the collective consciousness formed by its members and its material creations. The consciousness of the organization’s leader is transmitted to all its members, and the more effective the leader is in doing so, the greater the cohesion and scope of the organization.


The greater the degree of homogeneity of the group, the better. This is not to advocate an autocratic style of leadership or intolerance for alternative points of view, but rather to say that after developing to a high level, the organization’s members become increasingly wholesome and transparent in their way of thinking. This tends to bring about a unanimity of consciousness in which all matters proceed from an awareness of light and love and are aimed at the highest benefit of all.


When an organization is first established, this is relatively more difficult, since at that time the members are still not capable of effectively forming a collective consciousness, and the organizational orientation may not yet be sufficiently clear. But after reaching a certain critical point, the organization will develop what could be described as a powerful magnetic field which will attract those on the path of light who are endowed with the same qualities. At this point, the organization will rapidly develop, its structure and collective consciousness will be very stable, and all its undertakings will be smooth and harmonious.


The roles played by the organization’s members should be determined by their merit, temperament, character, and abilities. Of course, such an organization also requires policies and regulations regarding promotions, incentives, and disincentives. At a certain point in the organization’s development, people will understand that spiritual practice is a personal undertaking in which competition with others has no place. This is the reason for speaking so often about the discriminating mind.


This organization is intended to continue long into the future—centuries, millennia, or longer. In this respect leadership is extremely important, especially the leader’s character, spiritual maturity, and leadership ability.


The physical presence of the leader is very important to the organization’s development, as is the appointment of a successor. However, it’s clear that these matters will not present any difficulty for future leaders.


As for the scale of the school, this is difficult to determine at present, because this school is intended to last indefinitely and is really just a replication on the Earth of a school that belongs to the spiritual realm of the eighth-dimension. That is to say, it will be conceived as a place of spiritual practice which is copied from that which exists in the realm of ultimate reality and is recreated in the realm of illusion.


As for financial affairs, the school will be established on the principle of financial independence, with income being derived from three main sources: tuition, fund-raising, and investments.


Because the purpose of the school is not making money, the tuition will be kept to a minimum so that it will be affordable for most people, and discounts will be made available to low-income students and those with special circumstances. Since the income derived from such a fee structure will be insufficient to meet the schools operating expenses, it will be necessary to seek additional funding from business and personal donations. Moreover, with the financial and volunteer support of like-minded people, the school will become a community resource.


Moreover, the school will establish an investment fund which will be responsible for generating additional income by making investments, mainly medium- and long-term. While this may strike some as an odd way of generating income for a school dedicated to the integration of body, mind, and spirit, this is an area in which Eric has much expertise, and in the early stages of establishing the school such investments will be an essential source of income.


This income generated using “intellectual wealth” will be obtained in a transparent and legal manner, and will be used in an efficient fashion to elevate humanity in body, mind, and spirit, and also to raise the vibratory frequency of the entire planet. Thus, the school’s finances could be described as “resource redistribution” and “using community resources for the benefit of the community.”


Making a profit in the financial market requires a high level of intelligence and self-discipline, and the same principles can be applied to other areas of life in a mutually complementary fashion. To be sure, the financial market tends to be driven by greed, fear, and deceit, and involvement with it not only provides a clear view of the darker side of human nature, but also provides a person of integrity with an opportunity to hone his or her character and wisdom. In fact, long-term involvement in the financial market can be seen as the ultimate test of one’s ability to be “in the world, but not of the world.” Nonetheless, the school’s financial fund will maintain a low profile in the organization.


These comprehensive measures will ensure the school’s financial independence, thereby minimizing external financial and political interference, and enhancing the purity of the school’s learning environment.